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International Children's Day - June 1st

International Children's Day is celebrated annually on June 1st, although some countries also have national Children's Days that are recognized as well. This special day has been around for a long time, starting in 1856 when a pastor in Massachusetts focused on children during one of his services. This was quite an unofficial start to the international holiday, and many countries chose to designate national holidays to celebrate children rather than recognize June 1st. It wasn't until 1954 that June 1st was more officially recognized as an important day to celebrate children and consider important child-related issues such as labor, education, and protection. The United Nations' first designated June 1st as Universal Children's Day in 1954 and set the main goals of this special day as a way to promote and fight for children's rights across the globe. June 1st is also the day that we observe the International Day for Protection of Children. While there may be many names for this special day, the important part is the celebration and protection of children!


There are lots of ways to celebrate International Children's Day. You could try letting your children choose a fun activity (or several) to do that day. Encourage your family to volunteer for an organization working to support Children's well-being. Teach your children about kids in communities all around the world. And so much more! We've also included some crafts and activities that will help you and your family celebrate International Children's Day!

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