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What are the benefits of bedside cribs?

In fact, a 2021 Fanfinders survey for Nursery Today found that as many as 77% of parents have considered purchasing a bedside crib. But why exactly have they become so popular, and what are the benefits of bedside cosleeper cribs?


A safe & stress-free alternative to co-sleeping

One of the reasons bedside cribs have become such a staple of baby prep shopping lists is the promise of having your baby closer to you, day and night.

When your little one finally arrives, it’s hard not to want to be by their side 24/7, especially as they nod off. Whilst sleep experts such as the Lullaby Trust advise on safe ways to co-sleep with your baby, bedside cribs offer a safe and practical solution that provides all the same benefits, while giving your little one their very own separate sleeping space next to your bed. 

A separate sleep environment means your baby will learn to sleep independently from the get-go, with a bedside crib being the perfect sleep arrangement to help them feel safe and secure by your side. This independence will almost certainly come in handy when you eventually come to transition your baby from crib to cot, too.

Bedside cribs can also provide reassurance to anxious parents!

Hassle-free feeds

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Getting out of bed to feed might seem like an easy enough task, but it suddenly becomes a whole lot harder when it’s in the early hours of the morning!

Comfort made convenient

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Nothing beats waking up next to your happy, smiling baby. Relish in the small yet meaningful moments whilst easily being able to help them drift off to sleep from the comfort of your own bed.

Ideal for C-section mums

Caring for your baby after having a C-section birth can be especially challenging, with mobility more limited as wounds heal during recovery. Bedside cribs are loved by mums for their practicality, and the ease of access they provide to their baby during the night without having to get out of bed. This can help facilitate things during the first few weeks of recovery.

Store as you snore

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One of the great things about bedside cribs is that they take up much less space that larger standalone cribs or cots. So even if your bedroom has limited space, you’re likely to still have room to squeeze your little one next to you in their cosleeper.  

By your side 

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Sleep easy and stay closer to your baby with a bedside crib by your side at night! With an easy set up and 9 different height settings,


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