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Wooden Toys More Than Durable

We’re all aware of the need to make more eco-friendly choices. But while wooden toys made from sustainable sources might be better for the environment than plastic, they can also boost your little one’s social, creative and problem-solving skills, according to research by the Center for Early Childhood Education in Connecticut.


“Some toys have a powerful influence on children’s thinking, interaction with peers, and creative expression. Other toys do not. Some of the toys that look most interesting to adults are not particularly effective in promoting development,” says Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Professor of Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut University, who is studying how different toys impact children’s behaviour.


Professor Trawick-Smith at the Center for Early Childhood Education has been analyzing the types of toys that elicit a good balance of play behaviours and has found that the toys scoring highest have been the simplest ones: hardwood blocks, a set of wooden vehicles and road signs, and classic wooden construction toys. “These toys are relatively open-ended, so children can use them in multiple ways,” says Professor Trawick-Smith.


Asia-Pacific Emerges as the Fastest Growing Market

The global baby care products market is highly dominated by North America and Europe. However, Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest-growing markets for baby care products due to the rise in the birth rate. An increase in brand penetration and a wide distribution network are the few factors driving the baby care products market in the region. The e-commerce sector is further supporting the growth of the market. The last couple of years recorded numerous baby care websites booming in the Indian market. The online baby care market began in 2010 with FirstCry.com and BabyOye.com. The key players in the online world, such as Babyoye.com, offer the ease of products being delivered to the doorstep. The online baby-care market mainly consists of segments such as baby food, skincare, toiletries/ diapers, toys, gears, and baby nurseries. The rise in consumer awareness and an increase in investments by the key players, such as Johnson and Johnson and Unilever, are expected to drive the market in Asia.


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