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New Baby Crib

This is Lepinkids Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. We are a supplier of large cribs and cribs. we have our own factory. Our company can provide you with some knowledge and suggestions on baby furniture, and provide guidance for your furniture business. You can also tell us what you think. We have professional designers to help you design and build your professional brand, and we have professional business managers who will answer your questions within 21 hours.

Now, I will introduce to you some of our company's most popular crib products.

baby crib (2).jpg

baby crib (1).jpg


As for this crib, you must be able to see it. It is a multi-functional crib that can meet the needs of babies at different ages, such as cribs, cribs, small tables or sofas, and can also be used as paintings. Painted board.

So once it was launched, it was liked by mothers all over the world. Of course, I also like this one very much. It is suitable for any style of any family.

If you like this crib and want more information, you can click here.

Children's cradle bed (1).png

Children's cradle bed (2).png

This product is our company’s classic style crib. It is a kind of cradle bed. After putting the baby in, it can be gently shaken, which makes it easier to coax the baby to sleep. It can also reduce the pressure on the mother and avoid being in the mother’s arms. After falling asleep in the middle, the baby wakes up after putting it in the crib.

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Acrylic Nursery Baby Bed (1).jpg

Acrylic Nursery Baby Bed (2).jpg

This is a new product designed by our designer. It is more concise and atmospheric in both shape and appearance. This is an acrylic crib. When cloth cribs and wooden cribs are the hottest, it may be acrylic babies. Everyone hasn't seen the bed very much, but his natural smooth lines and sturdy body make many mothers fall in love with it.

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baby cribs.jpg

wood kids cribs.jpg

This product has always been very fire multi-function baby bed, because of its unique characteristics, deeply like all mothers, when baby is small it can be used as a baby bed, when the baby a bit bigger and when the children bed, when do not need to also can be turned into the desk, let the baby learn can adjust the height of the bed at the same time, to achieve the effect of one bed is multi-purpose.

If you like this crib and want more information, you can click here.

In order to repay the support of new and old customers for so many years, the above cribs will have a huge discount, and these cribs are all stock products, and the delivery time is short. If you like, you can contact us.

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